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I propose to introduce you to the tasting of wines from Bordeaux or Côtes de Duras, Bergerac, Côtes du Marmande. I followed a Training Course to Oenology Institute of Bordeaux Talence. I can also give you great places to visit and buy red wine, dry white or sweet and rosé wines. Yves

My favorites are: Castle THE BOUZIGUES 1km from La Cigogne. Castle GADRAS 3kms. Castle CHAVRIGNAC, organic wines since 1963! One of the 10 pioneers in France !! from 4kms. Château Guiraud, 2nd Grand Cru Sauternes, from 25km.

At Cigogne a beautiful bamboo over 600m² prosperous past fifty years.

These bamboo Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens variety  are about 15 to 18 meters high and diameter ranges from 2 to 7 cm!

Yves used for different applications depending on their thickness, length and characteristics related to the age of bamboo.

Examples of achievements:

Fencing, woven panels, basketry, retaining walls, patio stairs …

Paper cutter, trays, candlesticks, walking sticks etc …

Sculpture, geodesic dome, teepee tent …

Bamboo hut near the pool laundry, 4 years is a Zen relaxation area with infrared sauna cabin.

Yves will explain all the mysteries and bamboo applications